OfficeDrop Offers Document Scanning on the iPad

OfficeDrop puts its hat in the ring of iPad apps that let you scan documents to the cloud. If you’re not familiar with OfficeDrop, it started out as a way to convert your physical papers into digital copies in the cloud using your current office printer/scanner. Now OfficeDrop lets you scan documents by snapping a picture using your iPad to automatically upload the document to your OfficeDrop online account.

You can create individual PDF documents or snap multiple images and create one PDF that once uploaded are immediately searchable in your account. In other words, multiple physical documents related to one meeting or event can be one PDF in the cloud.

You can also use the iPad app to search all of your previous documents scanned to the cloud. All documents are text-searchable, so you’re not just searching titles or tags of documents. A big feature is that OfficeDrop files are¬†available¬†off-line just in case you need to view a document and your iPad and you don’t have a network connection.

OfficeDrop offers free and paid online storage accounts for your documents (you need one to fully use this app) and works with other popular mobile apps like Evernote. So checkout OfficeDrop for iPad for free in iTunes and let us know what you think.