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OfficeDrop Offers Document Scanning on the iPad

OfficeDrop puts its hat in the ring of iPad apps that let you scan documents to the cloud. If you’re not familiar with OfficeDrop, it started out as a way to convert your physical papers into digital copies in the cloud using your current office printer/scanner. Now OfficeDrop lets you scan documents by snapping a […]

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Not-So Odd Couple: WiFi-Only iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Hotspot

The iPad 2 offers a 3G version that lets you tackle any web/network task without being dependent on an external wireless network or hotspot connection. Anywhere you can receive a 3G signal, your 3G iPad 2 will connect. So if you’re mulling over which version of the iPad 2 to get: WiFi or WiFi + […]

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iPhone Hotspot gives Wifi-only iPad 2 GPS Capabilities

I had the opportunity to visit the special Apple pop-up store that ONLY sold the iPad 2 and accessories down in Austin Texas this past weekend during SXSWi 2011. The line wasn’t bad and there was ample stock, so being the early adopter that I am, I picked up a black 16GB wifi-only iPad 2. […]

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