Kensington SecureBack cases are great for shared iPads

Increasingly, businesses are finding that iPads and other tablets are the best solution for their needs.  Unfortunately, one of the best things about the iPad can be one of the worst things; basically, its extreme mobility.  Although this really helps workers on the go, it also helps less-than-honest people score free iPads for themselves.  So, the question becomes: how can we maintain mobile productivity while thwarting would-be thieves?

Although there are a lot of high tech solutions that leverage the device’s GPS or camera functionality to cleverly catch the thief, the best solutions for stopping the crime before it starts are hardware solutions.  Perfect for the office, the finance industry, heath care, and even exibitions, Kensington has introduced the new SecureBack case for the iPad 2.

The case has the same ClickSafe Security Anchor that’s used on Kenisngton’s other popular protective products.  The product is great for companies that hand out iPads to their employees and need to prevent the loss of sensitive data and expensive equipment. The cases provide access to all the ports, speakers and buttons, while keeping the device very secure. It does add bulk to the slim profile of the iPad, but this is true for all cases and Kensington has worked to keep the extra weight to a minimum. Pricing for the entry level SecureBack case starts at US$49.99, which is a small price to pay to protect your data and your insurance rates.