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Kensington SecureBack cases are great for shared iPads

Increasingly, businesses are finding that iPads and other tablets are the best solution for their needs.  Unfortunately, one of the best things about the iPad can be one of the worst things; basically, its extreme mobility.  Although this really helps workers on the go, it also helps less-than-honest people score free iPads for themselves.  So, […]

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Back to School for students; Laptops vs Netbooks, Discounts & laptop anti-theft

This morning on my weekly CNN segment (Saturdays 8:20am EDT) I shared some Back to School laptop vs. netbook shopping tips, anti-theft tips & 2 Sony devices. Unfortunately, due to breaking news we didn’t have a lot of time to cover all the content I was ready to share, so here’s the info: 1. Laptops […]

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