#neverbepowerless with the Duracell Powermat 24-hour Power System

We’ve talked with Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz, showed you how the system could be a lifesaver during a hurricane, and today we get to show you yet another huge commercial (this is really a week for big commercials, huh), this one featuring none other than Jay-Z himself.

Oh and by the way, like the looks of the club in the video? Jay-Z’s 40/40 isn’t just a backdrop to this commercial, it could be the backdrop to your next big party! Mario Armstrong Media and Duracell Powermat are teaming up with several Socialcam users to throw a huge party in New York City on September 12th. Be sure to save the date—we’ll be able to talk about the full details soon!

Kensington SecureBack cases are great for shared iPads

Increasingly, businesses are finding that iPads and other tablets are the best solution for their needs.  Unfortunately, one of the best things about the iPad can be one of the worst things; basically, its extreme mobility.  Although this really helps workers on the go, it also helps less-than-honest people score free iPads for themselves.  So, the question becomes: how can we maintain mobile productivity while thwarting would-be thieves? Read More

Keep Your Mobile Devices Germ-Free with fuse

Tablets are the future.  We all know that, these things are doing everything for everyone, from construction workers to my wife, tablets can do it all.  More and more they are replacing other interfaces in our businesses and schools.  A tablet makes more sense than a textbook, and in most cases it makes more sense for a terminal where a customer interacts with an automated experience.  But is all the touching putting us at risk for sickness?   Read More