AT&T Video Capture

We have talked about technical tools that are great for field professionals more than once.  But today I am more excited than usual to cover a great new tool from our sponsor, AT&T.  Everyone’s smart phone has a great new video camera mounted to the back, but when we want to share these videos with our friends, family, or in our case, a co-worker, we have to rely on YouTube or some video hosting service. By the time that you have uploaded it and send someone a message to look at it, the moment has passed. Well no more, to the cloud!

AT&T has announced the AT&T video capture apllication which enables businesses to stream live and pre-recorded videos from handsets in the field to co-workers in the office. The desktop gets a web-based monitoring interface, so you can watch videos in real-time from your desk, archive and organize these feeds, and communicate with users in the field about what you are seeing.  All this real time interaction greatly increasing the speed and agility of your organization.

Targeted at businesses of all sizes, AT&T’s solution is ideal for any company looking to improve productivity with quick access to  live video from the field. For example:

  • Media broadcasters can be the first to bring live breaking news images to their audiences in a world of ever-increasing demand for real-time information.  I would love to use this feature while we are at events live-blogging for this very blog.
  • Field service technicians can resolve issues with a single visit to a customer site, improving their satisfaction rate and allowing significant cost savings.  I had an installer in my home this morning and if he had needed to show something to his manager I am not sure how he would have done it.
  • Insurance adjusters can give customers estimates in real-time after assessing the damage, speeding up the claims processing time, and if it is you or your business that is making the claim this tool would make sure that you got a fair claim as quickly as possible
  • Beer brewers making the same beer in many locations could share the current state of their brew in real time, making sure that quality is consistent  even among batches that were brewed around the globe from each other.

Want to see how it works? Check out the video: