SugarSync Lands on Kindle Fire

It looks like the Amazon Kindle Fire is getting a serious look from developers, as some of my favorite mobile apps are getting the Fire treatment. Next on list is the SugarSync cloud storage service that lets you choose which laptop/desktop folders you can sync to other devices and vice-versa.

The cool thing about SugarSync is once you’ve selected the files/folders you want to sync and they are in fact uploaded, you can also choose to download those files on any compatible device for access even if you are offline.

Android-specific features include the ability to AutoSync photos and videos. As soon as you shoot them, you can choose to automagically sync them to the cloud instead of uploading them after the fact. That just adds another layer of surety to the fact that no matter what device you are using, you can rest assured that your photos/videos will be available everywhere.

I think  apps like SugarSync being brought to the Kindle Fire is big because it can be looked at as more than just a “Kindle to read books on that can also access web”. Some of the same reasoning behind purchasing a more expensive iPad or native Android tablet (productivity) can possibly be achieved at almost half the cost by purchasing a Kindle Fire.

Time will tell if more developers tweak their apps to look good on a Kindle Fire. The fact that consumers are gobbling these things up is definitely giving them something to think about. Until then, check out SugarSync in the Amazon Appstore and let us know what you think in the comments section.