5 Secrets to Building A Successful Twitter Following: Build a Community, Not Numbers

Some might point out that I don’t have the largest Twitter following amongst tech geeks, but with just shy of 10,000 followers today and growing by more than 500 a month, my Twitter base is strong. More importantly, they’re engaged. Numbers are good, but they’re only one metric of your success on the platform. Others would be: how many retweets do your posts get? Replies? And which of those are from top influencers and not, say, from Joe down the street with 45 followers?

I’d argue that numbers should your last concern when it comes to Twitter. Sure, they look good and visitors to your Twitter page are of course looking at those numbers to determine how “big” you are. But when it comes down to what’s most important, which is the value you’re getting out of twitter and the value you’re delivering to your followers, it doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 followers if you’re not engaging with them.

I don’t know it all, but I do have some tips I can share about how I use Twitter and where I consistently find the most value. Continue reading this post on AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog to see my 5 tips.