Charge Anywhere Provides Mobile Credit Card Processing for BlackBerry Devices

In other BlackBerry news

The Charge Anywhere service has released a new version of its Audio Jack Card Reader that is compatible with BlackBerry smartphones to add to its arsenal of devices that already support iOS and Android devices. Similar to the Square credit card reader, the Charge Anywhere reader connects to a BlackBerry via the 3.5mm audio jack for easy access. Here are just some of the data BB users can capture with Charge Anywhere POS:

-Signature capture
-Invoice number
-Employee number
-GPS location

Additionally, the company also offers Bluetooth connectivity to its own line of receipt printers so you can wirelessly print a receipt for those customers who would prefer a tangible proof of purchase versus an email or text message. According to its website, Charge Anywhere offers similar if not better security to other mobile credit card processing solutions, and can be configured to work with a number of financial services (PayPal, QuickBooks, etc.).

“With the CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment Application for BlackBerry, businesses can take advantage of our PCI security, end to end encryption and device management services while effortlessly turning their Sprint, AT&T or Verizon Wireless BlackBerry phone into a secure, mobile point-of-sale terminal.” said Paul Sabella, CEO of Charge Anywhere.

Charge Anywhere doesn’t solely do mobile credit card processing, they offer a host of financial services. For more information, check out the Charge Anywhere website.

[via: Berry Review]