VIDEO: Share video moments quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet with @SocialcamApp

If you’re just tuning in, then you maybe haven’t heard me talk about Socialcam, the mobile app that let’s you quickly make and share videos with friends, family, and your social networks. Socialcam also has video filters (think Instagram!) that let you change the way your video looks, and they’ve got everything from a retro 70’s feel, to a black and white film style, and more. They also have several themes and music options you can add, so you can make your video look like an MTV music video or appear as though you’re a television reporter. Socialcam is available from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad as well as Google Play for Android devices. And if you decide to download Socialcam, make sure to follow me! You can find me at or do a search for “Mario Armstrong” inside the app!

The other app I talk about is called Animoto. With this app, you can combine pictures, video and music to create a video. This is a great way to capture a vacation and share it with family, or maybe making a quick video greeting card. One of my Twitter followers used it to make a birthday present for his Grandmother, check this out:

Animoto is available only on iOS devices, and you can get it today from the app store.