VIDEO: Why 2012 Is the “Data Election”

If you thought the 2008 election saw an explosion in social media being used by the Presidential candidates, just wait until you see what 2012 will hold. While email blasts, Facebook and Twitter made huge differences in terms of fundraising and getting the message out last election cycle, Barack Obama and his team was way ahead of the curve. Already, Mitt Romney has launched some impressive jabs over social media networks, like the “Moms for Mitt” Facebook page I discuss with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux in the clip above.

It’s not just social media this time around—in what we’re already terming the “Data Election” we’re seeing mobile apps play a huge role in how political campaigns are getting the message out. The Obama 2012 app I showed off on CNN is just one of many apps we’re going to see this election season to help organize voters and volunteers alike. And to pull it all together, in 2012 campaigns will be using enterprise-grade data mining software to ensure they’re maximizing what they can do with mobile applications.

As far as I can tell, Mitt Romney’s campaign doesn’t have an app yet, but I’m sure we’ll see one soon. With all the new tech powering the “Data Election” this year, big changes are coming.