Are People Taking a Break from Facebook? (CNN VIDEO)

I appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning with Howard Kurtz to take a look at Facebook. It turns out the social network may be losing some of its shine.

Take a look at these stats from a recent Pew Internet survey:

– 61% of Facebook users have taken a break from the service at some point in the past
– 20% of adults have permanently left Facebook

Sarah Lacy, founder and editor-in-chief of and I discussed Facebook’s mobile app, why people need to take vacations from its service, and more.

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CNN: The Second Screen Bowl

Some websites I mentioned on air where you can show your support for your favorite team: – “like” your team on Facebook and they move closer to the goal line! – share 6 second videos to show support for your team!

Stream the big game live on your Computer or Phone using:

CBS Sports

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Download this app during the game to id which commercial it is to get coupons and special offers:

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CNN VIDEO: iPhone 5: Thinner, faster…better?

iPhone fever is at an all time high, and as everyone knows I’m a huge fan of the product. But does that necessarily mean it’s the right choice for everyone to upgrade? With the phone already smashing all pre-order records for Apple, selling 2 million devices in the first 24-hours it was on pre-sale, it’s obvious there’s a huge amount of interest. But does that mean it’s necessarily time for you to upgrade?

On CNN this weekend, I talked with Victor Blackwell about everything iPhone 5—the new dock connector & chargers, who should upgrade, and who gets an upgrade to the new iOS 6 operating system for free. Just about the only thing I didn’t ask is why Victor owns two iPhone 4’s!

Feel free to watch this video directly on CNN’s site as well.

CNN: Tens of thousands kicked offline today! FBI trying to root out nasty virus DNSChanger

Today, the FBI pulled the plug on a set of servers that provided a set of fixed DNS servers for Internet users infected by the DNS Changer. While this is a big step in finally getting the DNS Changer malware out of our hair, this also means that many Internet users (some estimates put it at tens of thousands) were kicked offline today. To help out everyone who’s being affected, I’ve written a handy guide for anyone trying to deal with removing the DNSChanger malware today, which you can view at this link. Be sure to pass this link around! Your friends and family may have been affected by the FBI’s latest move to combat DNSChanger.

VIDEO: Looking to spy on your friends, family, or babysitters? Check out the latest in spy tech!

With Stuart Chaifetz in the news this week after wiring his autistic son Akian with recording equipment and capturing some truly horrible emotional abuse hurled at Akian by educators, it’s time to look at the various tech that’s out there in the spy tech world.

Bullying is an epidemic in this country, but lately it’s getting a lot of media attention. Parents looking for ways to confront it have no doubt found a lot of comfort in seeing Mr. Chaifetz’s success.

But recording audio is just one part of the picture. Worried about your daughter getting lost while on hiking in a national park or when she’s on a field trip at school? Slip a GPS tracker from Brick House Security into her backpack and keep track of her location remotely. Need to keep on eye on a nanny? Slip a covert alarm clock into a bedroom and record video and audio without suspicion.

I give a bunch of other tips, including info about keyloggers and how mobile devices like Smartphones can be used as spy devices, so be sure to check the CNN video above.

VIDEO: How Women and Politicians Are Finding Success Sharing Pins on Pinterest

There’s a misnomer out there that women aren’t techies, but Pinterest is proving just the opposite! If the platform is appealing, women will use it in huge numbers.

With everything from brands like Oscar de la Renta sharing wedding dresses to moms sharing recipes, Pinterest has really exploded in recent months. In the clip above, from CNN this week, I show you how the platform works as well as diving into some of the settings and privacy options.

VIDEO: Why 2012 Is the “Data Election”

If you thought the 2008 election saw an explosion in social media being used by the Presidential candidates, just wait until you see what 2012 will hold. While email blasts, Facebook and Twitter made huge differences in terms of fundraising and getting the message out last election cycle, Barack Obama and his team was way ahead of the curve. Already, Mitt Romney has launched some impressive jabs over social media networks, like the “Moms for Mitt” Facebook page I discuss with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux in the clip above.

It’s not just social media this time around—in what we’re already terming the “Data Election” we’re seeing mobile apps play a huge role in how political campaigns are getting the message out. The Obama 2012 app I showed off on CNN is just one of many apps we’re going to see this election season to help organize voters and volunteers alike. And to pull it all together, in 2012 campaigns will be using enterprise-grade data mining software to ensure they’re maximizing what they can do with mobile applications.

As far as I can tell, Mitt Romney’s campaign doesn’t have an app yet, but I’m sure we’ll see one soon. With all the new tech powering the “Data Election” this year, big changes are coming.

Google’s glasses: How do they work, and what do they mean?

There’s been a ton of talk this past week about Google’s Glass, the augmented reality project that essentially puts a smartphone on your face! My appearance on HLN about Google’s augmented reality project generated a lot of interest, and even landed a clip of me on the Daily Show! Did you miss the hype and don’t know what this is all about? Then check out the video below.

Apple denies DOJ price fixing allegations – my take on @CNN

One story that’s been generating a lot of interest lately is the allegations the Department of Justice are making that Apple worked with major publishers to “fix” the prices of eBooks at higher prices. Amazon and others are hoping that an agreement can be reached so that eBook pricing can be set much lower than they are now, or even sold for a loss. Publishers, meanwhile, who are already operating on razor-thin margins and just trying to keep their businesses alive, assert that deals like the one they made with Apple are keeping them in business and don’t want to see their eBooks devalued. In my latest appearance on CNN, I break it all down and give you Apple’s response.