SMS Marketing: SendHub Lauches Mobile App – Puts Mass Text Messaging at Fingertips

SendHub App for iPhoneForget emails, IM’s, DM’s or other social media inboxes, sending text messages is still the quickest way to deliver a message en masse that just about guarantees the message will be received (and viewed) by anybody with a cell phone.

Small businesses who want to keep their customers informed on the latest news, and deals should seriously consider adopting a SMS marketing strategy, in addition to adopting new ways like social media to reach out to current and potential customers.

SendHub is a service that lets users create up to 1,000 sms messages/month for free. Simply create an account, select a phone number and “opt-in” keyword, and start sending out your messages. Recipients reply with the opt-in keyword for further messages. 

You could set up and manage your account via the web, or now you can download the SendHub app for iPhone and manage your account no matter where you are.

The features you will find via the web:

– Send and receive messages to/from large numbers of people

– Manage message groups

– Change message signature

With the added benefit of receiving push notifications of new messages, and integrating with your phone’s contact list. If you’re a beast with an iPhone you’ve mastered iPhone productivity, you can also create an account using the SendHub app and completely do away with visiting the site. Of course, that’s depending on the number of people you want to message and the amount of messages. SendHub does offer paid subscriptions that can grow with your business.

Similar to services like Google Voice, your free number can make and receive phone calls as well. So businesses can create and dish out phone numbers to employees that can be routed to their iPhones without the need of a landline.

SendHub hasn’t completely ignored other platforms, as an Android app is on the company’s roadmap. Until then, all my iPhone users can download SendHub free from iTunes, and let us know what you think in the comments section.