I was wearing Google Glass in 1999 (pic)

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly wearing Google Glass in 1999. That pic up there? Ignore the hair and that oversized polo for a sec and focus on that thing on my head. That’s the 1990’s version of Glass, a $6000 wearable computer from a company called Xybernaut. Yeah it’s big and bulky and had wires running around it, but it was clearly a predecessor to Google’s Glass project, the wearable glasses technology the search giant is currently seeking Guinea pigs, I mean beta testers, for.

Believe it or not I took this thing out into the field to see if it could feel normal, walking around and computing at the same time. It was pretty wild wandering around the grocery store and feeling like a cyborg.

In another ten years, today’s sleek-looking Google Glass will probably seem just as ridiculous.

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