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TODAY: Breaking Down Google Glass

On the TODAY show this morning, I contributed to a segment that breaks down the different aspects of Google Glass in an easy-to-understand way. I specifically discuss some of the concerns consumers should have about Glass, especially as it relates to their privacy. Check out the video above, or take a look at some of […]

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How YOU can get your own Google Glass Eyewear

Intro to Google Glass If you haven’t already watched Google’s video on their Glasses-based computer (called simply “Google Glass”) make sure you watch it right now: Want to get a pair for yourself? That’s gonna take some work. First up, and this is a big one, make sure you’ve got $1500 in your bank account. […]

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I was wearing Google Glass in 1999 (pic)

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly wearing Google Glass in 1999. That pic up there? Ignore the hair and that oversized polo for a sec and focus on that thing on my head. That’s the 1990’s version of Glass, a $6000 wearable computer from a company called Xybernaut. Yeah it’s big and bulky and had wires […]

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Google’s glasses: How do they work, and what do they mean?

There’s been a ton of talk this past week about Google’s Glass, the augmented reality project that essentially puts a smartphone on your face! My appearance on HLN about Google’s augmented reality project generated a lot of interest, and even landed a clip of me on the Daily Show! Did you miss the hype and […]

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