TODAY: Breaking Down Google Glass

On the TODAY show this morning, I contributed to a segment that breaks down the different aspects of Google Glass in an easy-to-understand way. I specifically discuss some of the concerns consumers should have about Glass, especially as it relates to their privacy. Check out the video above, or take a look at some of my other Google Glass coverage:

How you can win your own pair of Google Glass

A picture of me wearing Google Glass in 1999

How YOU can get your own Google Glass Eyewear

Intro to Google Glass

If you haven’t already watched Google’s video on their Glasses-based computer (called simply “Google Glass”) make sure you watch it right now:

Want to get a pair for yourself? That’s gonna take some work. First up, and this is a big one, make sure you’ve got $1500 in your bank account. If you’re picked as a Guinea pig (sorry, “beta tester”) you’ll have to buy Glass with your own money and you don’t want to get your hopes up only to find out you can’t afford a pair when it comes time. Yes, it’s a steep price, but for some of you, it may be worth it.

Second, you’re going to have to have a PERFECT application. You really need to get every single piece right, so I’m going to walk you through what that takes.

Finally, you’ve got just two days left to wrap this up. Applications need to be submitted by Wednesday, February 27th, so get cracking! Read More

I was wearing Google Glass in 1999 (pic)

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly wearing Google Glass in 1999. That pic up there? Ignore the hair and that oversized polo for a sec and focus on that thing on my head. That’s the 1990’s version of Glass, a $6000 wearable computer from a company called Xybernaut. Yeah it’s big and bulky and had wires running around it, but it was clearly a predecessor to Google’s Glass project, the wearable glasses technology the search giant is currently seeking Guinea pigs, I mean beta testers, for. Read More

Google’s glasses: How do they work, and what do they mean?

There’s been a ton of talk this past week about Google’s Glass, the augmented reality project that essentially puts a smartphone on your face! My appearance on HLN about Google’s augmented reality project generated a lot of interest, and even landed a clip of me on the Daily Show! Did you miss the hype and don’t know what this is all about? Then check out the video below.