How YOU can get your own Google Glass Eyewear

Intro to Google Glass

If you haven’t already watched Google’s video on their Glasses-based computer (called simply “Google Glass”) make sure you watch it right now:

Want to get a pair for yourself? That’s gonna take some work. First up, and this is a big one, make sure you’ve got $1500 in your bank account. If you’re picked as a Guinea pig (sorry, “beta tester”) you’ll have to buy Glass with your own money and you don’t want to get your hopes up only to find out you can’t afford a pair when it comes time. Yes, it’s a steep price, but for some of you, it may be worth it.

Second, you’re going to have to have a PERFECT application. You really need to get every single piece right, so I’m going to walk you through what that takes.

Finally, you’ve got just two days left to wrap this up. Applications need to be submitted by Wednesday, February 27th, so get cracking!

1. The Tweet (or Google+ post)

In order to win you’ve got to make your case in 50 words or less on social media. That isn’t a lot of words, so you need to get them exactly right. What Google wants to see is a compelling case for why YOU deserve glass, but don’t just make it about you, it needs to be something bigger. After all, how many beta testers does Google need who are just going to make stupid cat videos? My guess is zero.

So instead of making it about you, have an angle that shows exactly how much Google will get out of you having Glass. Can you use it to promote a unique event, business, brand, or non-profit? What can you show the world that nobody else can with Glass? If you’re working in a niche or have some special knowledge that only you could put to work with glass, make sure that’s the crux of your application.

Then, get some friends to proofread it. With only 50 words, every word needs to be perfect, so having some other people take a look and check your spelling, grammar, etc. is important.

And don’t forget the hashtag #ifihadglass. Your application will be disqualified if you don’t include the hashtag on your Google+ post or your tweet. So triple check that it’s there, and spelled correctly.

2. The Extras

Goole will allow you to include 5 pictures and one 15 second video in your application. If you’re posting on Google+ you can just add them to the post—if you’re entering through Twitter, you’ll want to link to your photos (think about using a Picasa or Flickr album) or link to your video (YouTube or Socialcam would work perfectly).

While Google considers these materials to be optional, they are not optional. Showing off great pictures or video will show that you’re capable of creating and sharing professional content online, which means that you’re exactly the kind of person who deserves Glass.

What should the content of your pictures or video be? They should supplement what you say in your Tweet or Google+ posting. So if you run an animal shelter and want to expose your shelter to a wider audience with Glass, some pictures of dogs and cats would be a good start. Even better though would be to show off some context. So show off the building that houses your shelter, and include a snap of your coworkers, but also show the room where the animals who aren’t adopted are put down. That’s a sad story, but its also a compelling one because you can use photographs to tell a deeper story than you can include in those 50 words.

Your competition will be thousands, if not millions, of tech savvy Internet users. Anything you can do to one-up them will help you stand out, so a video could be great too. Be sure to read my top 5 tips for making a great mobile video and give it a shot. If you think you can show off something unique in 15 seconds, it could be the thing your Glass application needs to succeed.

For the complete details on how to enter the contest to win Google Glass, click this link to visit Google’s site. Want to see a funny pic of me wearing a pre-Glass augmented reality headset in 1999? Check this out.