HLN: Upcoming mobile games to watch out for

Video games can already be addictive, but some mobile games are really taking it to the next level. On HLN, I explain how even though games like Candy Crush may be simple to learn and to play but that doesn’t mean they can’t also suck you in for hours. With the explosion in mobile over the past few years, mobile game development has never been hotter and now tons of games are vying to be the next Candy Crush. Keep reading for links to all the apps I mentioned on-air.

– Angry Birds Star Wars (iPhone, Android) and be on the lookout for the upcoming sequel!

But how can you tell if someone is addicted to these games? Well, if you’re walking out into the street, oblivious to traffic and stuck inside a game, you probably need some help! No, but seriously, there are some signs of mobile game addiction and I discuss them in the segment, so watch the video above to learn more!