Follower exclusive: 50% off photo wallpaper from WeMontage!

Back in April on my Top 3 for the TODAY show, I showed off an amazing removable wallpaper called WeMontage. Perfect for anyone with kids, college kids in dorms, seniors in assisted living, or anyone who just wants to share some of their awesome smartphone photos off. Check it out:

Now, exclusively for my fans and followers, WeMontage is offering 50% off any order! Just visit and use the coupon code neversettle (one word!). Now all you have to do is upload your photos, select one of their awesome templates, and you’ll have beautiful removable wallpaper shipped to your door at a deep discount. I love WeMontage’s photo wallpapers and I’m psyched to be able to offer this awesome discount to my followers. This offer expires the night of Sunday, June 29, so don’t delay—get that wallpaper order in now!

5 Reasons why Apple (Finally!) Decided to Buy Beats

It’s official says Brian X. Chen, reporting for the NY Times: Apple, ending weeks-long speculation on the deal, says today that they’re buying Beats for $3 billion. While a little bit less than the $3.2 billion I reported back on May 8th, this is still a huge deal for both companies, and Apple’s largest acquisition since they bought NeXT computer, bringing Steve Jobs back to the company he founded, for $400 million in 1997.

With all the speculation coming to an end, it’s time to examine the question many are still asking: Why did Apple buy Beats anyway? Here are my top 5 reasons I think this acquisition makes sense for both companies.

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Everlane: Quality Basic Clothes at Affordable Prices… All Online

Have you heard about new online retailer Everlane? Their pitch is that they take out the middle man on luxury goods to deliver better prices to consumers – like a combined wholesaler & retailer. They also source all of the manufacturers themselves, so Everlane can tell you exactly where the products were made. It’s a great idea, because they’re using the web to bring down prices while increasing transparency!

I ordered a couple of T-Shirts just to check it out and make sure the quality was really what they promise.

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