Read my Flipboard magazines on the web!

Flipboard just announced that they’re taking their newest feature from version 2.0, the ability for anyone to create, curate and maintain magazines inside the app, and they’re bringing it to the web. Now, anyone with a recent web browser (IE9, Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all supported) can read Flipboard magazines straight from their browser. This is exciting news for me, since I’ve got four magazines I’m currently curating on Flipboard, including one with almost 22,000 subscribers!

But anyone can curate any kind of magazine they want on Flipboard, and with an easy-to-use widget you can add news stories to your magazines straight from your browser as well. But for the best Flipboard experience, I’d still recommend checking out the app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Check out my magazines below, and be sure to subscribe to them on the web!

1. Family Tech

My most popular magazine covers all the tech that affects your family!

2. 0101Music1010

Interested in the music industry? Always on the lookout for the latest tech to take your DJing or recording to the next level? Just a junkie for all the latest in music tech? This is the magazine for you/

3. Small Biz Tech

A companion to my Small Biz Go Mobile blog, the Small Biz Tech magazine highlights all the latest in the world of small business: apps, devices, services, products to help you work harder, smarter, save time and make money!

4. A Digital Lifestyle

Just want to keep up with the latest gadgets and tech for a digital lifestyle? This magazine will keep you up-to-date on all the coolest tech I’m finding out there.