Write Without Distractions: Try Ommwriter to Boost Your Productivity

ommwriter app to reduce distractions boost productiivty

We’ve all sat down to write something…only to realize an hour later that somehow sixty minutes got sucked into a Facebook/RSS/Flash Sale black hole, never to be seen again. Time to get your productivity back on track! Try Ommwriter, an inexpensive app for Mac, PC and iPad that keeps you away from distractions in an environment that’s actually designed to boost your concentration.

When you really want to write, and concentrate, set yourself up to succeed by taking as many distractions out of the mix as possible. Some people turn off their WiFi or use a task timer like Pomodoro. Ommwriter takes a different approach, imagining that you can actually use your computer to create an environment that makes you more productive. They call it “your own private writing room where you can close the door behind you to focus on your writing in peace.”

Ommwriter seems like it’s mostly targeted to creative writers, but there are actually tons of business applications here too. Brainstorming, for example. Or writing a talk, or even just concentrating on an important proposal. Ommwriter just presents a blank screen, so really anything you need to write that requires your undivided attention could be a good fit.

But it’s not just a blank screen staring back at you: the team behind Ommwriter worked with a color therapist to select background photographs and colors supposed to help stimulate creativity and promote tranquility. Likewise, there are white noise backgrounds to choose from that Ommwriter thinks will help you concentrate, like the sound of working in a library.

All in all, it’s a serene and relaxing way to try and get some work done. And when it comes to productivity and concentration, it’s definitely worth experimenting to see what works for you. Ommwriter costs $4.11 by default, but if you really love it you can change the price and give the creators back a little more. All they ask is that the amount you contribute ends in a one, since “monetary gifts ending with a 1 are considered auspicious in certain cultures.” Here’s to getting lucky in getting things done.