The Cocoon Slim Backpack – Fits Up to a 15″ MacBook

cocoon backpack 15" slim packed mario
My Cocoon Backpack in Action!

This is absolutely my favorite bag right now. I’m getting ready to go to SXSW later this week, and the Cocoon Slim Backpack is DEFINITELY coming with me! The design is so smart: the Cocoon holds everything in safely but it’s only 3.5″ inches deep even when I have it totally packed. That picture above? That’s all my random stuff – external hard drive, laptop charger, glasses case, etc. etc., all strapped in so it’s easy to find and not getting damaged no matter how much it gets jostled around.  Keep reading for more pictures!

cocoon slime backpack 15" ipad

OK, so this is a stock photo from the Apple Store, but this is how I use it too: safe cushioned sections for my laptop and Note. The genius of the design is about layers: there’s a place for your laptop, plus a pocket for a tablet or eReader. The layers keep everything safe and padded, but don’t add a lot of bulk. Plus, the laptop pocket is designed to hold up to a 15″ laptop, and it’s hard to find a good bag for a 15″ laptop that’s not enormous.

cocoon slim backpack 15" macbookcocoon backpack slim in profile

Here’s how it looks all zipped up. You can see that the “slim” in the name really is true! Sometimes the best fashion is the simplest, and the Cocoon is a good example. It’s highly functional without being flashy or bulky, and I like that it’s a backpack. Messenger bags are great too, but a backpack is a lot more comfortable if you’re going to be wearing it for a long time. Considering how busy SXSW is I want to stay comfortable and I definitely need to have all my tech with me at all times!

The model I have is $79.99 from Cocoon directly – but it’s sold out until April. There’s an almost identical model available from the Apple Store for $79.95 now though, if you want to go ahead and give it a try.