Everlane: Quality Basic Clothes at Affordable Prices… All Online

Have you heard about new online retailer Everlane? Their pitch is that they take out the middle man on luxury goods to deliver better prices to consumers – like a combined wholesaler & retailer. They also source all of the manufacturers themselves, so Everlane can tell you exactly where the products were made. It’s a great idea, because they’re using the web to bring down prices while increasing transparency!

I ordered a couple of T-Shirts just to check it out and make sure the quality was really what they promise.

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The Cocoon Slim Backpack – Fits Up to a 15″ MacBook

cocoon backpack 15" slim packed mario
My Cocoon Backpack in Action!

This is absolutely my favorite bag right now. I’m getting ready to go to SXSW later this week, and the Cocoon Slim Backpack is DEFINITELY coming with me! The design is so smart: the Cocoon holds everything in safely but it’s only 3.5″ inches deep even when I have it totally packed. That picture above? That’s all my random stuff – external hard drive, laptop charger, glasses case, etc. etc., all strapped in so it’s easy to find and not getting damaged no matter how much it gets jostled around.  Keep reading for more pictures!

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My Top 3 Pairs of Adidas Right Now

Some of my weaknesses are french fries, edamame and vegan cupcakes but when it comes to fashion my ultimate weakness are Adidas shoes. Ever since being a RUN-DMC and Ivan Lendl fan (some of you may have to wiki that name – LOL), I was hooked on Adidas, specifically the Originals line.

The shoes above are my top 3 sneakers right now. Keep reading if you want to know WHY!

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch: Brand New, Pretty Awesome

All eyes (including ours) have been on Apple’s upcoming September 10th release announcements. But yesterday, Samsung debuted their newest offerings, including a smart watch that has a lot of people excited. Last month, we reviewed some of the more popular smart watches on the market, and at that time, we only just heard that Samsung had filed for a trademark for Galaxy Gear. But the watch is here, and it looks pretty amazing.

Smart watches have labored under the impression that they’re a needless accessory: it’s hard to imagine what we’d want on our wrist that isn’t better done with the phone in our pockets. The niche they seem to fill is as a kind of notification device: if you’re inundated by emails or text messages or phone calls or push notifications, your watch will let you know about it first before you feel the need to dig into your pocket and pull out your phone.

It’s understandable if this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to everyone. But maybe combine that feature with easy updates to the weather or stock tickers and maybe a couple of other apps, and the proposition becomes a little more appealing. Recognizing the limited scope of current smart watches, the Galaxy Gear packs in a few additional toys: there’s a 1.9-megapixel camera, a microphone, two speakers, and a gyroscope and an accelerometer to keep track of your workouts. Read More

What Is Beats Audio Technology? Does It Live Up to the Hype?

htc windows 8x with Beats Audio limelight yellow
HTC’s Windows Phone 8X with Beats Audio in limelight yellow

One of the big complaints about sound from laptops, smartphones, and even dedicated mp3 players is that the sound quality is pretty awful. And generally that’s a fair complaint; a good pair of headphones will go a long away toward making the sound better, but the actual design of the device is still going to affect how well the headphones can even works. That’s the problem that Beats Audio purports to solve: making better hardware and software that works together so you can enjoy some actual quality in your music.

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