Find Online Coupon Codes That Actually Work With PoachIt


There are tons of coupon aggregators online, but the reality is  most of them have bad user interfaces that make finding what you want feel almost impossible, or they have expired coupons or promo codes that may or may not work. To find valid online coupon codes that actually work, try PoachIt.

PoachIt actually does two great things to help you save money and find a great deal. First, it tracks prices online. You’d be surprised how often online prices change! If there’s something you’re thinking about buying, save it to your list in PoachIt. Then you’ll get price updates – watch the price for awhile and when you think you’re getting a good deal THEN it’s time to buy!


PoachIt will also let you know if there are online coupon codes available while you shop so you can use them to save immediately. Their site claims that 80% of online coupon codes don’t work, and anybody who’s ever tried to find one can tell you it can be pretty frustrating. PoachIt actually cleans up all that mess out there to give you coupon codes that actually work.

To use PoachIt, create an account and install their bookmarklet. That will let you quickly add products you want to track or give you coupon codes you can use immediately. The service is free, and there’s also a free iPhone app if you shop on your phone.