Put your social network on the map!

One trend among social-networking apps is the ability to combine all your posts and updates with your location. It’s a fantastic idea for some, terrifying for others.

I show off one app called banjo, which helps you find out who’s nearby and what they’re talking about.

Friends and strangers alike: If you are into the social aspect of social networking, you’ll geek out for this. But if you’re particular about your privacy, I will show you step-by-step how to lock these apps OUT so you can stay off the radar.

Apps Help You Find New Friends, Connections (CNN VIDEO)

I recently appeared on CNN to talk about apps that use location data embedded in Tweets and Facebook shares as well as other social media to present you with social media info in new ways, from showing you conversations that are happening in your immediate geographical area to what’s happening anywhere in the world you want to zoom in on. These people discovery apps can help you find people and make new friends and connections, but obviously there are some privacy issues around this that we need to discuss in greater detail. Curious? You can download the two apps I talk about, Highlight and Banjo to see for yourself and draw your own conclusions about what’s happening in the social space.