New iPod Touch – Business Productivity Tool?

One of the many announcements during this week’s Apple event was the fact that the popular iPod Touch will now come in white, will get the iOS 5 platform, and the price has been reduced to $199 for the entry-level 8 GB version.

Now that sounds all well and dandy for the parent looking to get a gift for their tween… they can download apps that will let them txt message with their friends who are too young to have a full-blown smartphone. Said tween will also be able to play games, listen to music and movies, etc. without destroying their family’s wireless minutes. All in all, at $199 the iPod touch is a great gift, and is now a better value than ever.

But allow me to present another option for the iPod Touch – it can double as an outstanding mobile business productivity device.  That’s right, with the help of the 400,00 titles strong App Store, you can turn a “fun and games” device into a business expense. Read More

Make Your Work Phone an App on your Personal Phone with Virtualization

Sounds good doesn’t it? LG and VMware want to do just that. They’re working together on ‘mobile virtualization technology’ that will allow you to run a fully-functional 2nd phone complete with a separate phone number & security policies as an app within your personal phone.

That is idea for enterprise folks who do to strict company IT policies, couldn’t possibly use their work phone as their personal phone OR really don’t want to whip out their clunky, 2 versions back smartphone (which, in smartphone terms is like 3 months ago) while outside the workplace.

Fresh from the press release:

Smartphones are driving demand for an enhanced mobile experience as business- specific devices lose appeal and employees look to use their personal devices at work,” said Stacy Crook, senior analyst for IDC’s Mobile Enterprise research programs. “For the business market, the individual-liable, employee-owned model is here to stay. Savvy companies will embrace the trend and procure the necessary means to ensure that all devices with sensitive information are managed properly.

Initially, the software will be available for LG phones running Android operating systems and is expected to come to market sometime in 2011. Don’t be surprised if other mobile brands/manufacturers quickly jump on the bandwagon to appease those looking to carry just ONE PHONE for both business and pleasure personal.

*raises hand*

Check out the video of mobile virtualization technology at work.

[via: Engadget]