OS 4.3 Will Bring Mobile Hotspot To AT&T iPhone 4

It won’t be long before AT&T iPhone users are somewhat right back on the same level with Verizon Wireless iPhone users with the upcoming OS upgrade to the latest iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Within the upgrade to OS 4.3, it has been confirmed by AT&T brass that its iPhone 4 will also get the mobile hotspot feature that will enable up to 5 devices to utilize the iPhone’s wireless signal to get online, check email, etc.

AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom stated “To utilize this feature, customers will need to subscribe to the DataPro 4GB/$45 tethering data plan.”

I currently use the VZW iPhone and the mobile hotspot feature definitely comes in handy when I need to access my laptop to send an invoice or any other business document that’s not in the cloud. Another added bonus is it cuts down on amount of gadgets if you use BOTH an iPhone AND a seperate MiFi device. But be warned, your battery life will suffer, so make sure you are plugged in if you are using the hotspot feature for an extended amount of time. If the AT&T version is similar in functionality, it will be a very well-received feature for AT&T customers as well.

Whether you praise AT&T for its fast 3G, or praise VZW for its reliable 3G, one thing you can now say about both in regards to their iPhone versions is that both can now (legitimately) share the internet connection; something that I my opinion will be a standard feature on all smartphones within the next year.

[via: intomobile]

HTC Aria smartphone with Android is a sharp tool for small business!

HTC Aria phone on AT&T

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing out the new HTC Aria. I was more anxious than the LeBron James NBA decision to get my grimy hands on the phone! Reason for my excitement? I really like the Android mobile operating system and because the search still continues for the phone that can have that “iPhone” impact.

I gotta tell ya, I’m REALLY loving the HTC Aria & as of right now it is a smartphone that gives a beautiful user-experience and some awesome features. To me it’s a great alternative to the iPhone and shows the most competition to the iPhone. The HTC Aria is a serious competitor and brings some great diversity to the smartphone arena. Its 4 inches long, which is a tad smaller than the iPhone and is lightweight at 4 ounces. I love that it has both, a touch screen and a joystick which gives you more options to navigate the phone. The screen is 3.2 inches and is very crisp with color! The camera on the HTC Aria enables you to shoot video or 5-megapixel stills-one bonus I like about the camera is that you can touch anywhere on the screen to take the photo, most phones force you to click a specific button or touch a very specific area on the phone screen to take the photo. The HTC Aria also uses an integrated GPS, a digital compass, light sensor and has a microSD card slot for memory storage.

One of the features of the HTC Aria that I also like is called “Scenes” this gives you the ability to have your phone customized with certain on-screen apps and dashboard programs called widgets depending on your selection. I have a scene for travelling which changes my desktop and other screens to be customized with all my needed travel apps etc… OR I can change it to my “Work” scene and all the screens and apps will chnage to reflect my productivity and business-related apps. This ability to have quick-changing personalization is awesome! The phone costs $129.99 on a two-year contract (after $100 mail-in rebate, of course).

Here’s my HTC Aria video overview, take a peek:

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