Tonya R. Taylor’s Report Answers Why Small Biz Owners Need to “Get Twitter”

I attended a local business networking event last night, and was amazed at the number of business owners who are NOT on Twitter.

After doing the typical networking “elevator pitch dance”, when I got around to asking people for their Twitter handle, there were various reasons as to why they didn’t use Twitter. Most of the time, folks really didn’t see how Twitter could help their business. So most of my time spent at the event was schooling folks on how I use Twitter for my business.

So while researching a small biz topic to write about (I’m a last minute type of guy) I decided to give you are quick breakdown of Tony R. Taylor’s FREE report “I Don’t Get Twitter” – 5 Answers To Getting Greater Results Using Twitter For Your Business.

In the report, Tonya explains how people typically view Twitter, goes over how people who are not on Twitter reach out to their audience, and of course, why small biz owners should be on Twitter.

The real “meat and potatoes” of the report is Tonya’s breakdown of how small biz owners can get the most out of Twitter by answering the top 5 questions of small biz owners interested in learning more about Twitter. Without giving TOO much of it away, here are her top 5 questions small biz owners have about Twitter:

#1 – What’s the biggest mistake Small Business Owners who don’t get Twitter make?

#2 – Where should Small Business Owners who don’t get Twitter focus most of their initial effort?

#3 – What have businesses done specifically that has been very successful?

#4 – Give Small Business Owners who don’t get Twitter 5 quick ways to use Twitter for business.

#5 – What’s the easiest thing Small Business Owners who don’t get Twitter can do right now to see results?

Tonya’s report goes in depth to answering the above questions (in a short, sweet, and to the point way) to give any small biz owner looking to: Rub elbows with other industry professionals; reach a larger market; create better relationships with customers/clients; AND MAKE MONEY (notice how I put that last) via Twitter. She also gives the fact, figures, and statistics about small biz owners who do successfully use Twitter and dishes out information about her Twitter Quick-Start Academy for professionals looking for even more information, and results, out of Twitter.

For more information about Tonya R. Taylor, her company Rising Star Ideas, and to get her FREE report “I Don’t Get Twitter!” – 5 Answers To Getting Greater Results Using Twitter For Your Business, follow @risingstarideas on Twitter

*Notice how I am forcing you to go on Twitter in order to get more information about Twitter*

Finding your social media ‘voice’

Social media has changed the way that small businesses connect with customers.  Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any of the other social media platforms businesses can share news about their products and promotions, seek feedback on their service or product, raise their visibility, address complaints and share compliments.    It has allowed small businesses to compete on a level playing field with the largest of organizations–something that would previously be unheard of.  But before you jump in some basics on finding your business’s voice:

1.  Know your voice.  As part of your business’s start-up you probably had a mission statement: a clear statement of your company’s aim and your approach in meeting that goal.  Having a confident grasp of your company’s ‘personality’ will help you form your voice on your communication strategy whether through paid advertising or with social media.  Really take the time to think about how humorous/ serious you want to be; how formal or casual; how chatty/reserved you want to be.  Why did you start this company?  Your communication strategy should get that message across with all of the messages you send out.

2.  Keep your professional / personal on-line lives separate.  While your business should reflect your talents, your values and your  personality–remember to keep some separation between your business and your personal lives.  Both your customers and your friends/ family will appreciate it!

3.  Social media isn’t just marketing.  It is about opening up a new line of communication:  one that is fast, reactive and informative.  Share news and insights but also listen to your customers.

4.  Be persistent.  Don’t jump in and out of the fast lane of social media.  Schedule it into your daily routine.  Don’t get discouraged and keep on connecting.

5.  Let your old school methods of communicating help you connect in the new school world of social media.  Add the magic words “Follow us on Twitter” and “Find us on Facebook” to all of your print advertising, on your website and in your emails.

Be willing to do more of what works and less of what falls flat.  Think of what intrigues you when you follow others and learn as you go.  Your voice will evolve as you get more confident, and your customers will be glad you spoke up!