Every time you get a small success, you need to celebrate that!

I’m doing a special segment on the TODAY show this Saturday, covering the NY Auto Show. That got me thinking about how we approach our goals and dreams and how we deal with our success. It’s one thing to have big goals and to pursue them. That’s something everyone needs to be doing. But you need to enjoy the journey as well!

My goal is to be the host of a nationally-syndicated television show. But that’s a huge goal! So I’m breaking it down into small steps that I can actually do, like appearing regularly on national TV and hosting one-off programs like this year’s Best of CES special. That way, when I accomplish these small goals I can step away and look at what I’ve done and really feel like I’ve accomplished something!

How my little brother pissed off @deadmau5 & how changes to YouTube and Socialcam affect you

My little brother recently got into a fight with the world-famous electronic musician deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”) in the comment section on a YouTube video. That’s just like little brothers right? Here’s the story. deadmau5 is pretty opinionated when it comes to music, and even has a whole section of his Wikipedia article devoted to disparaging comments he’s made about DJ’s. Basically, his argument is that DJ’s often do little more than get up on stage and hit “play.”

My little brother is a DJ, so needless to say he took offense, and posted a 3-minute rant video directed at Deadmau5 on YouTube. You can watch it yourself, or simply check out their back and forth in the comment section:

That deadmau5 came out to leave a comment is a pretty big deal, but obviously my little brother is still upset. So what’s this fight really about?

Content Creation vs. Curation

Let me define some terms: content creation is when you make an original work. Whether that’s a song, a video, a painting, a blog post, anything that is an original work that you or a team make. Even if you’re not a world famous artist, and even if you don’t have a YouTube channel, you probably still create your own work from time to time. Your tweets, for instance, are your own creations.

But not your retweets. When you share content online, you’re curating it. Finding other great sources of original content online and sharing it. Whether you’re doing it on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter, today there are tons of great avenues to curate content online and become known for sharing it.

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Win a Duracell Powermat & 2 Tickets to Our Party in NYC

That’s right, we’re making it easy to win a free Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System, so you’ll #neverbepowerless. Entering is simple: just like Mario’s page on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win.

Duracell PowermatThe best part? Get a friend to enter, and you’ll be in the running for 2 VIP tickets to our Power House Party at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in NYC on September 12th. You’ll join Mario to celebrate Socialcam users with over a million followers, and you’ll get to charge your phone right on the walls of Jay-Z’s new club!

The Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Charging System is one of the best ways to ensure your iPhone is never without a charge. It includes a wireless charging case for your iPhone, the Powermat you use to charge it on, and a backup battery to get an extra charge while you’re on the go.

Want one? Want to come to the party? Awesome. Enter the drawing, and maybe we’ll be seeing you in NYC this fall!

#SocamShow: Live from the @UniqloUSA flagship store in NYC!

This week, Shy and I go crazy about Japanese videogames and Japanese clothes. No place combines these two things quite like UNIQLO, a unique, affordable and very classy Japanese clothing retailer. For instance, did you know that UNIQLO sells an entire line of Metal Gear themed T-Shirts in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary?

If you’ve never taken a #swag walk through a UNIQLO (or a Wal-Mart, as you’ll see in a video we highlight) then you have to watch this week’s episode of the #SocamShow. And be sure to follow me on Socialcam to catch each episode as it airs every Friday at 3pm!

#SocamShow Live from the @Sony store in NYC – We check out phones, tabs, and cameras!

This week’s episode of the #SocamShow is coming at you live from the Sony story in NYC! Me and @WebGuyShy tear it up and play with a ton of cool Sony products, including:

The Sony Handycam NEX-VG20
The Sony Tablet S
The Sony Xperia Ion 4G smartphone

Many thanks to Sony for letting us take over their space, and of course, if you like the show be sure to follow me on Socialcam, the mobile video app for iPhone and Android that just sold for $60 million!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with @SocialcamApp CEO Michael Seibel about his $60 Million Sale to Autodesk

SocialCam Founder Michael Seibel

Michael Seibel of the Socialcam App for iPhone and Android has an impressive resume—Yale graduate, Justin.tv founder and now, the brains behind Socialcam and the engineer of its $60 million sale to Autodesk. With the service boasting an estimated 8 million unique users per day (similar to the numbers on Instagram) a lot of people are asking big questions today: why Autodesk? Was it the right choice to sell out now? Could they have been worth Instagram’s billion dollars if they held out? What’s lies in Socialcam’s future?

I ask the tough questions, and Michael doesn’t back down! Check out the full interview above.

#SocamShow Episode 3 – B-B-B-B-Bosker! Featuring special guest Bianca Bosker from AOL Huffington Post Tech

Part 1:

Part 2:

In the latest episode of the #SocamShow, Shy and I sit down at the AOL Media Group’s offices for the Huffinton Post with Executive Tech Editor Bianca Bosker (@BBosker – follow her!). We had a great time discussing a wide variety of tech issues, from apps to how tech interacts with people and society. Plus, we got to learn all about the ping pong tables and #naproom that keep HuffPo’s team energized while at the office.

The SocamShow airs every Friday at 3pm on the Socialcam App for iPhone and Android. You can follow the show at the url www.socialcam.com/socamshow

#SocamShow Episode 2 – Lips Actually

Episode 2 of the newly relaunched #socamshow is live! This video features some amazing ventriloquism from David and his puppet Otis who were performing in Times Square recently. As well, the show is completely derailed (what a surprise!) when Shy and I find Tristan and Tyler, twin brothers who are reporters with their own web show! I had the chance to interview them both as well which was really fun. It was great to see these #minimarios running around LOL

This week’s featured video is Lips by a user named “Sweet Whiskey” so be sure to check that out as well.

The SocamShow airs every Friday at 3pm on the Socialcam App for iPhone and Android. You can follow the show at the url www.socialcam.com/socamshow