VIDEO: Looking to spy on your friends, family, or babysitters? Check out the latest in spy tech!

With Stuart Chaifetz in the news this week after wiring his autistic son Akian with recording equipment and capturing some truly horrible emotional abuse hurled at Akian by educators, it’s time to look at the various tech that’s out there in the spy tech world.

Bullying is an epidemic in this country, but lately it’s getting a lot of media attention. Parents looking for ways to confront it have no doubt found a lot of comfort in seeing Mr. Chaifetz’s success.

But recording audio is just one part of the picture. Worried about your daughter getting lost while on hiking in a national park or when she’s on a field trip at school? Slip a GPS tracker from Brick House Security into her backpack and keep track of her location remotely. Need to keep on eye on a nanny? Slip a covert alarm clock into a bedroom and record video and audio without suspicion.

I give a bunch of other tips, including info about keyloggers and how mobile devices like Smartphones can be used as spy devices, so be sure to check the CNN video above.