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Turn by Turn Navigation and Real Time Traffic comes to iPhone with New Maps App!

While Google Maps has provided GPS-esque turn-by-turn navigation on Android for free for quite some time, iPhone users have been left in the dark. But with iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, Google is being kicked out of the Maps app, and Apple is taking over with their own technology that […]

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VIDEO: Looking to spy on your friends, family, or babysitters? Check out the latest in spy tech!

With Stuart Chaifetz in the news this week after wiring his autistic son Akian with recording equipment and capturing some truly horrible emotional abuse hurled at Akian by educators, it’s time to look at the various tech that’s out there in the spy tech world. Bullying is an epidemic in this country, but lately it’s […]

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iPhone Hotspot gives Wifi-only iPad 2 GPS Capabilities

I had the opportunity to visit the special Apple pop-up store that ONLY sold the iPad 2 and accessories down in Austin Texas this past weekend during SXSWi 2011. The line wasn’t bad and there was ample stock, so being the early adopter that I am, I picked up a black 16GB wifi-only iPad 2. […]

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