Are Tablet Price Wars Brewing?

With Apple continuing to dominate the tablet market, it was probably only a matter of time before other manufacturers began to slash their tablet prices in an effort to increase market share. While this would be the logical response to the iPad’s category-crushing success, other tablet manufacturers have thus far refrained from engaging in price wars with Apple, likely because the iPad’s success has driven up tablet component costs for everyone else in the industry. Manufacturers have been jumping into the tablet game in large part because they want to emulate Apple’s 25% profit margin on the iPad, but since they’re paying higher component prices than Apple, cutting retail prices would thwart the very reason they got into the tablet game in the first place. Read More

Look Out: HP TouchPad coming July 1st!

Unfortunately for business owners trying to decide between Apple’s bestselling iPad, one of the many Android tablets now on the market, or RIM’s PlayBook, a strong new contender in the tablet market is about to arrive: HP’s TouchPad will be hitting store shelves on July 1st at $499 for the Wi-Fi only base model with 16GB of storage, or $599 for an upgraded 32GB.

The TouchPad will be running the latest version of webOS, technology, which is what HP hopes will set it apart from the competition by offering a seamless multi-tasking experience, the Adobe Flash Player, and promises of tight-knit integration with the forthcoming Pre3 smartphone.

Pre-orders for the device begin in a mere 10 days on June 19th, and you can check out HP’s press release and our previous coverage for more details. According to the press release, A 3G version through AT&T seems to be in the works as well.