Join WebEx Meetings From Your Smartphone…Then “Handoff” To Your PC

Most small business owners I know are road warriors – always on the go looking for the next opportunity. That leaves a very small amount of time to sit in an office knee deep in meetings. As a result, the ability to conduct or attend a meeting while mobile is essential to staying on top of all that’s going on.

But merely dialing in and listening to others while they “ohh” and “ahh” over eye-catching, color-filled slides and screenshots of fascinating accounting figures isn’t enough for your typical jet-setting entrepreneur who needs to be included in all aspects of the meeting.

One of the most well-known web conferencing services that has recognized the need for people to attend meetings on the go via a smartphone is Cisco Webex. Download the WebEx App and via your iPhone or BlackBerry mobile device (other smartphone users can join meetings via mobile web browser), users can attend meetings and communicate/collaborate with other attendees with the same type of functionality of your typical desktop or laptop WebEx meeting.

The cool thing about the WebEx app is if you are attending a meeting en route to your office and want to continue the meeting on your desktop or laptop computer, with the flick of your wrist, you can “handoff” the meeting from your iPhone to your computer without interrupting your current session. No logging out of the meeting on your iPhone, just to look through your email inbox to find the link to the meeting and log back in hoping you didn’t miss any of those entertaining sales projections!

So if you are one of those road warriors who needs a more interactive way to attend meetings via your mobile device, check out the Cisco WebEx Mobile app …because we all know you wouldn’t dare miss all those presentation slides!