My 5 Tips For Better Meetings to Get You Closer To Your Goals

mario armstrong tips for better meetingsI’ve had a lot of big meetings lately that have HUGE potential to help me achieve my goals, both in the short term and my bigger goal of getting my own national TV show. So it seemed like a good idea to revisit a video I made awhileback talking about my 5 tips for big meetings and what you should do to make sure you get the most out of that face time you possibly can!

When you get a big meeting with someone that can help you achieve your goals you definitely want it to go smoothly, leave a good impression, and try to get to a place where you have some real, concrete things you can follow-up on, either for yourself or with that person.

My video below is about what you can do to make those meetings work for you. It’s my thoughts from a meeting with Daymond John, but it’s still the tips I live by for every meeting and I think will help you too no matter what your goals are or how you are trying to pursue your passion.

MeetMe iPhone App Simplifies Finding Meeting Locations

Tired of playing phone/email tag with potential clients, customers, colleagues…anybody? With the MeetMe iPhone app, you can select a point A and point B, and it will find and lists possible locations in the middle. You select the best location and MeetMe sends an email with directions to your recipient.

There are many ways to find locations with MeetMe. You can use your current location, an address from your contacts, or enter in a location by address, airport code, city name and more. You can also define the type of place you want to meet and let MeetMe suggest locations. Save your locations as favorites and get more information about the location, reviews and more. If you want to be nice, MeetMe also lets you select locations closer to point A or B…if you REALLY want to close the deal.

Regardless of why you want to meet, the MeetMe iPhone app for $.99 in the iTunes App Store makes it easier to find a great meeting spot that’s fair for all parties involved.

5 reasons for video conferencing in your small business NOW!

With more businesses looking to cut costs and employ workers from anywhere, video-conferencing is becoming more justifiable then ever before. Just take a look at the recent iPhone4 and you’ll notice that Apple has recognized how important it is to enable callers to be able to see each other. In business, non-verbal communication clues can be the absolute difference between closing or (without the”c”) losing the sale.

So if you are new to video-conferencing, here are 5 reasons why you should take a hard look at video-conferencing NOW:

1. Meet with clients and collaborate with internal staff more frequently! Face-time with customers and staff is critical but not always practical, so use video-conferencing to bridge the gap.

2. Demonstrate your thought-leadership skills and build your presence! Use it as a platform to deliver webinars and other thought-leadership activities, perfect for presentations and demos. Don’t translate that to mean it’s a place to sell, sell, sell!

3. Reduce travel costs! The next time you have a meeting out of the office, calculate all costs involved (gas mileage, parking & most importantly your time). It may shock you to see how much you are paying out in order to have an in-person meeting. Yes, I know it is best to meet in person when possible but do the calculations and see if it helps justify video-conferencing costs.

4. Reclaim your time! This is critical, every successful business owner will tell you that managing your time effectively is one of the most critical challenges to master if you intend to really maximize the impact of your business.

5. Video conferencing crushes a typical phone call! Phone calls are boring! Seriously, phone calls are boring and lack the non-verbal communication that can help tell you if your message is reaching its target appropriately.

Here’s a real-life example for you! Several weeks ago while preparing for a presentation about mobile apps and productivity I was introduced to the AT&T Connect conferencing app as a way of connecting and collaborating with several parties from different locations. I’ve used video-conferencing with other services like GoTo Meeting in the past, so I was certainly familiar with the platform but I don’t think back then that I really appreciated the productivity enhancements and the game-changing capabilities.

I was impressed with AT&T’s Connect service especially the mobile app which allowed me to join the conference, participate live, even view the whiteboard and other images that were being presented. To be on your mobile and interact with the conference as if I was at my desktop was really empowering!

If you aren’t sure if video-conferencing is for you take this trial for a spin and let me know what you think!


Join WebEx Meetings From Your Smartphone…Then “Handoff” To Your PC

Most small business owners I know are road warriors – always on the go looking for the next opportunity. That leaves a very small amount of time to sit in an office knee deep in meetings. As a result, the ability to conduct or attend a meeting while mobile is essential to staying on top of all that’s going on.

But merely dialing in and listening to others while they “ohh” and “ahh” over eye-catching, color-filled slides and screenshots of fascinating accounting figures isn’t enough for your typical jet-setting entrepreneur who needs to be included in all aspects of the meeting.

One of the most well-known web conferencing services that has recognized the need for people to attend meetings on the go via a smartphone is Cisco Webex. Download the WebEx App and via your iPhone or BlackBerry mobile device (other smartphone users can join meetings via mobile web browser), users can attend meetings and communicate/collaborate with other attendees with the same type of functionality of your typical desktop or laptop WebEx meeting.

The cool thing about the WebEx app is if you are attending a meeting en route to your office and want to continue the meeting on your desktop or laptop computer, with the flick of your wrist, you can “handoff” the meeting from your iPhone to your computer without interrupting your current session. No logging out of the meeting on your iPhone, just to look through your email inbox to find the link to the meeting and log back in hoping you didn’t miss any of those entertaining sales projections!

So if you are one of those road warriors who needs a more interactive way to attend meetings via your mobile device, check out the Cisco WebEx Mobile app …because we all know you wouldn’t dare miss all those presentation slides!