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Skype Wifi for iOS – Tap into Commercial Wifi spots On the Cheap

You ever come across an airport or hotel Wifi hotspot but absolutely refuse to agree to the “they want me to pay what” daily access rates? I’m pretty sure we all have. But there may be times when you just can’t afford not to sign up and pay for access for just a couple of […]

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Not-So Odd Couple: WiFi-Only iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Hotspot

The iPad 2 offers a 3G version that lets you tackle any web/network task without being dependent on an external wireless network or hotspot connection. Anywhere you can receive a 3G signal, your 3G iPad 2 will connect. So if you’re mulling over which version of the iPad 2 to get: WiFi or WiFi + […]

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Wi-fi on your smartphone–Americans want more

An interesting article from Information Week discusses Americans growing demand for full-service wi-fi on their smartphones.  Instead of using their data plans, many mobile browsers are happy to use wi-fi, and in fact most would love to save money on their monthly service bills by using either public or private wi-fi networks.  Others felt that […]

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Wi-fi Know-How: Connect legally and safely

We all love using wi-fi.  Around our home on our personal network, in the coffeeshop on their wireless network, in an airport or even community provided networks–it is convenient and with many devices it is the primary method to connect to the internet.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when logging on.  The […]

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