Pay For That Latte With Your Smartphone and the Starbucks App

This one goes out to all my small biz owners who constantly set up small satellite offices at their local Starbucks (in addition to being on a first name basis with all the staff).

The Starbucks app for BlackBerry and iPhone now lets you pay for your premium coffee using your smartphone (I drink hot chocolate in the winter and smoothies in the summer…but this is not about me). After you’ve created a Starbucks account, downloaded the Starbucks app, and linked your account; you can simply show a 2D bar code for the cashier Java Specialist to scan to pay for your moca something-or-the-other. The payment doesn’t pull directly from a credit card, but the app itself acts as a Starbucks Card that you add monies to in order to use…Which shouldn’t be a problem for the Starbucks faithful. If you’re cool with it, you can even save your credit card info to make it easier to reload your virtual card.

This feature of the app started off as a trial in local (you guessed it) Seattle Starbucks stores, but now is ready for a nationwide shine. In addition to paying for merchandise, the Starbucks app lets you check your card balance, monitor your Starbucks reward points and see nearby Starbucks locations on a map or list. If you get a physical Starbucks card as a gift you can still pay by smartphone by adding the gift card’s number and security code to your account.

To download for iPhone, visit the Starbucks Card Mobile app in iTunes. To get it for BlackBerry, visit the Starbucks Card Mobile App for BlackBerry site or text “GO” to 70845 from your smartphone.