Hire a Gopher with TaskRabbit and get help Getting Things Done

It’s a known fact that as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are twice as busy at making your endeavor great as merely clocking in and out of a 9-5 gig everyday. In addition to taking care of business at ungodly hours of the day, you still have to do your regular home and family stuff. You probably can’t afford a full-time assistant and you can’t add extra hours in the day to run back and forth to your local office supply store.

TaskRabbit is a new service/mobile app that let’s you post a task, and have “TaskRabbits” bid on how much they will do the task for. You can check out TaskRabbit’s profiles and pick the one that best matches. You can save your payment information with your profile and securely pay when they are done with the tasks.

With the mobile app for iPhone, you can upload photos and voice recordings as task descriptions; select a common Task like grocery shopping, or house cleaning displayed as a spinning carousel that’s easy to see and use; and browse the handy guide that helps you accurately and quickly price a task.

On the flip-side of posting a task, TaskRabbit is a cool way for somebody to make some extra dough (or become a “TaskRabbit entrepreneur”) by doing odd jobs for people who are too busy to get it done themselves. You can apply and be “vetted” to become a TaskRabbit, upload a profile and your specialties, and bid on jobs.

If you are not productive enough to get EVERYTHING done on your business and/or personal to-do list, TaskRabbit might just be your on-demand “gopher” to help you clear your task list faster.