Remote Computer Support TeamViewer Adds Access from iPhones, iPads and Android Devices

TeamViewer is a remote desktop application that doesn’t get the shine it deserves due to more popular options like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC that eat up all the fanfare. With TeamViewer you can tackle all the operations that any other option can handle:

– Access and control another computer (Mac or PC)

– Share screens, transfer files, and perform various support functions

– Live demos and presentations

The cool thing about TeamViewer is that you don’t have to choose from different versions based on what kind of access you need like its competitors – One version of TeamViewer can handle it all. You can choose to go to the TeamViewer website and start a remote session or download the actual software for quick access for later sessions.

It’s safe to say that my “stock” in TeamViewer went up when I found out from the fellas on the Simple Mobile Review Podcast that TeamViewer also has a FREE mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that lets you remotely access computers from your mobile device. I tested this out by logging on to my Daycare provider’s PC from my iPad to download and install some spyware software (I’m the tech-guy for my peeps). The second she opened the TeamViewer software on her PC, I was able to see that she was online and connect to her PC and complete the installation in no time.

You get the same access & features from the mobile app that you do logged on to another computer from a desktop/laptop. Of course, you will have to get use to handling some functions from your mobile device (the app does display a quick user guide each time you connect that you can turn off) and using it on a 3G/4G connection is available, but I would strongly suggest you’re connected via WiFi. Once I got the hang of the mobile gestures, navigating another computer was a breeze.

So whether you’re troubleshooting Grandma’s computer, or forgot to sync an important file from your desktop/laptop to the cloud for access on the go, TeamViewer can handle the job for in one package. TeamViewer is free for personal use, so if you want to test it out and see how it will keep you better connected and make your life easier, check out the TeamViewer website and download it today!