Pre-order your Windows 8 device today from Staples and get FREE help moving to the new OS

This holiday shopping season, I’m going to be working with Staples to help you pick the best holiday tech gifts! In the coming weeks, you’re going to see some great content from us but I can’t spoil too much of it, so today I’m just bringing you an exciting announcement:

Starting today, Staples is accepting pre-orders for a variety of Windows 8 devices, including slates, tablets, touchscreen laptops and more.

The new “tiles” interface in Windows 8

While Windows 8 devices aren’t in stores quite yet, by pre-ordering one today you can be sure to be one of the first people to bring home one of these exciting new devices. The Windows 8 interface, seen to the right, is a radical change to the operating system from Microsoft, and as these devices start to hit store shelves in the next few weeks you’ll get a chance to see (and to touch!) what Microsoft has been cooking up since Windows 7 launched in 2009.

With the “8 Was Easy” program from Staples, they’re making it super simple to get up and running with your new PC from day one. With any computer purchase of $699 or more, Staples will move all of the data from your old desktop, laptop, or external hard drive to your new computer. Or, you can get that same service for just $69.99 for a computer under $699.

Staples is also offering free personalized training with a Microsoft certified advisor to make sure you learn everything about the new operating system. They’ll show you how to navigate the new interface, set up your tiles on your Start screen to get a personalized Windows 8 experience, walk you through the new Windows App Store, and show you how to get your files into Skydrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system that will help you backup your documents and access them from anywhere.

And what if you have more questions down the line? Staples will be providing free support to help you with any problem you have moving to Windows 8. They’re got a toll free number you can call 12 hours a day during the week to answer your questions, and they’ll be running that service through the end of January.

You can pre-order a Windows 8 device from Staples today by visiting the link:

But what if you need a machine right now, and want to upgrade to Windows 8 when it’s launched later this month? Staples has a great solution for that too.

The Windows 8 upgrade offer from Staples is a great value if you need a machine right now. First up, you can get the Windows 8 upgrade when it’s available for just $15 from Microsoft by registering your purchase at Then, you can get a $15 pre-paid Visa gift card back from Staples by registering at Finally, you get online training and free phone support from Staples so you’ll be covered if you run into any problems migrating to the new OS. So you’re practically getting Windows 8 for free, plus free tech support. It’s a win-win.

Remote Computer Support TeamViewer Adds Access from iPhones, iPads and Android Devices

TeamViewer is a remote desktop application that doesn’t get the shine it deserves due to more popular options like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC that eat up all the fanfare. With TeamViewer you can tackle all the operations that any other option can handle:

– Access and control another computer (Mac or PC)

– Share screens, transfer files, and perform various support functions

– Live demos and presentations

The cool thing about TeamViewer is that you don’t have to choose from different versions based on what kind of access you need like its competitors – One version of TeamViewer can handle it all. You can choose to go to the TeamViewer website and start a remote session or download the actual software for quick access for later sessions. Read More

Line up your tech support before trouble starts

As you grow your business your reliance on your technology tools grows along with it.  Our business is our connections, our knowledge, our history and our data.  Imagine losing access to all of your electronically stored information in situations ranging from a few hours of  down-time or complete loss.

We try to keep on top of everything through having data backup regimens in place; we keep our antivirus and other software up-to-date; we use surge protection and keep our computers cool and copacetic–but still things  happen.  Computers fail, bad guys break in and sometimes your software doesn’t play well with others.  Who are you going to call?

Well, Ghostbusters won’t be much help.  Do you have a backup plan other than wishful thinking?  Your data is your business and you can’t risk losing your data without having a rescue plan.

Find a reliable tech support service before disaster strikes.  Just like finding a good mechanic, a good doctor or a good receptionist–it takes some research, trial and error and advice from colleagues.  Ask around and ask questions.

A good way to test out a computer support professional is to buy a few hours of consulting time.  Get their advice on planning your next tech move (building your network, setting up VPN access, integrating your phones/ computers).  Are you impressed with their insights?  Have them repair or setup something that has exceeded your own tech skillset.  Did they listen and they solve the problem?  If you find good computer help, get them to provide a service agreement.  Have them commit to an acceptable response time.  If you secure good help in advance, when you have the luxury of time, you will be ahead of the game when the inevitable failure occurs.