Wants iOS Users, Offers 50GB of Free Storage As Bait

To combat Apple’s iCloud offering for iOS 5 users, the cloud storage service has announced its “50gigs for 50 days” promotion for anybody who downloads the latest version of the mobile to their iPhone or iPad. is a rival to the popular Dropbox, Sugarsync, and now iCloud services that offer similar features and options in regards to cloud storage. All of them have free storage offerings as a basic package (2-5GB). Anything after that, you have to opt for a paid personal or business plan that start around $10/month, or refer a ton of people to get additional free storage in smaller megabyte increments. with this promotion has pretty much blown the entry-level offerings from its rivals out of the water with this new promotion. iPhone/iPad users can simply create a new personal account (previous users also quality) and download/upgrade the mobile app for iPhone or iPad and BOOM! you will get the storage bump.

To further display the service’s affinity for Apple, content can now be streamed to other Apple devices with the inclusion of AirPlay support – Other brands with AirPlay capabilities (speakers, A/V receivers, etc) also qualify.

The final feature included in the mobile app update increases the file size upload limit from 25mb to 100mb.

So there you have it. If you were thinking about trying to understand how iCloud works and quickly running into the free 5gb storage limit wall shortly thereafter, check out and get 50gb free – The promotion lasts for 50 days starting now.