CUBED: Work smarter on your smartphone with “Documents to Go” app

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: entrepreneur Jodie Yule is constantly traveling and working from her smartphone, but needs a way to get even more done while on the go. Right now, she’s juggling an endless stream of office documents coming in, but she has to wait until she’s back at the office to work on anything. Since she has a smartphone on her all the time, wouldn’t it make more sense if she was able to squeeze some work in during all those little moments in-between deliveries of her product, a weekly newsletter delivered to restaurants and coffee shops called “Coffee News”?

On this episode of my CUBED video series, I discover the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog, a collection of apps to help businesses in any industry solve a variety of problems, no matter what smartphone their employees have. In the catalog, I found Documents to Go, an app that not only allows you to view Word, Excel and Power Point documents, but edit, create, save and share them as well!

For Jodie, this was a perfect solution, since now instead of going back to the office, she can turn her smartphone into a mobile office and handle documents the same way she would on her laptop! She loved it, so I guess now I have to help her deliver some newsletters…