Mario’s Top 3: Put your old Apple devices back to work!

Have some old Apple devices hanging around? Time to put them to work.

This week on the TODAY show, I ask, “Do you always wonder what you are going to do with that old iPhone or iPad when you purchase the latest and greatest model?”


Presence is a free app for Apple devices that can bring life back into your old iPhone or iPad and help you keep an eye on things in your home at the same time. You simply install the app on the old device and it acts as your remote webcam via Wi-Fi. You then install the same app to your new device using the same email and password as your monitor. And voila! You can monitor whatever you want from anywhere in the world, and it’s versatile. You can use it for security, as a nanny cam, baby monitor, or as a fun and free way to stay in touch with the ones you love. Read more at NBC news.