The Super Bowl ads I actually liked this year

best super bowl commercials 2014

The Super Bowl was a big disappointment this year, not just for Broncos fans but for everyone expecting the can’t-miss game of the year. On the other hand, as always, there were a few outstanding ads.

This year don’t waste your time trying to watch or re-watch every single one of the Super Bowl ads on some other site, because I’ve got a list of just the best ones.


Why: because I jut LOVE Sonos and the ability to have different music playing in multiple rooms controlled wirelessly is just amazing to a music-loving DJ dude like me.

Radio Shack

Why: Because no other ad had Hulk Hogan, KidnPlay, Mary Lou Retton and other 80’s stars in the ad. And the fact that apparently theur ad caused their stock to increase 7%.

Beats Streaming Music w/Ellen

Why: Again its music. Also a favorite brand of mine that used an old fairy tale story to demonstrate the services ability to customize your musical experience. Plus, Ellen dancing is always a winner to me.


Why: Come on, an ad with Morpheus from the Matrix messing with a couple who just want to get in their car? What’s not to love about this one


Why: File this in the Hilarious category. Maybe not the most age-appropriate BUT it was no where near as bad as previous years Go Daddy ads. Plus who doesn’t like candy :-)


Why: This ad celebrates one of the greatest human achievements from the past year, the moment when Felix Baumgartner jumped from a baloon 24 miles above the earth and hurtled more than 840 mph back towards the earth. Video from the fall was captured on (what else?) his GoPro camera.


Why: This ad was INCREDIBLE. We finally got to see an ad showing how technology benefits our lives beyond simple gadgets. This ad really hit home with me. Tech isnt about gadgets its ABOUT changing our lives and making a real impact. The ad was sooo good I wanted to write a tv show series based off of it!