My Top 3 Pairs of Adidas Right Now

Some of my weaknesses are french fries, edamame and vegan cupcakes but when it comes to fashion my ultimate weakness are Adidas shoes. Ever since being a RUN-DMC and Ivan Lendl fan (some of you may have to wiki that name – LOL), I was hooked on Adidas, specifically the Originals line.

The shoes above are my top 3 sneakers right now. Keep reading if you want to know WHY!

3 favorite adidas: Silvr, Originals AR 3.0, Originals Hard Court Hi 2.0


The low-cut silver color Adidas are actually a special line created by Adidas called Silvr (no e). Unfortunately, Adidas has decided to stop producing the Silvr line.

Why I’m Loving Them: These are my goto red-carpet kicks! I’ve been waiting to wear these with a black tux! In the meantime you will only catch me in these like 4 times a year.

Adidas Originals AR 3.0

Pictured in black and salmon

Why: Because they have that salmon color highlight. The color really pops when you wear like a black t-shirt and jeans. Plus its hard to see in the pic but the tip of the shoe and its sides have suede infused throughout, which gives it a look of sophistication. Don’t wear these kicks in the rain though!

Adidas Originals Hard Court Hi 2.0

Why: When I’m lacking creativity, I throw these shoes on and magically ideas come pouring out of me!