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Foursquare Humanizes your Social Media Presence

Ok, I admit it: I’m one of “those people” who use foursquare.  In case you are not clued-in to the whole ‘checking in’ thing, foursquare is a location-based social network that leverages the power and popularity of GPS enabled portable devices.  Or to put it another way, it’s an app on your phone that you […]

Decide On A Mobile Payment Solution: Calculating Square vs. VeriFone Fees

Do you want to be able to take credit card payments from your smartphone or tablet computer? Having difficulty deciding between the competing options?  A great new website takes a look at your average transaction size as well as your monthly volume and calculates whether Square’s or VeriFone’s competing mobile payment platforms will offer you […]

Mobile Payments Company Square Gets a Huge Boost with a Strategic Investment from Visa

Last month, a viral video created by mobile payments processor VeriFone tried to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) about startup Square’s free device that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to take credit card payments from their iPhones and iPads. The claim was that customer’s credit card data was being transferred unencrypted to the device, […]

Square Reader on Sale at Apple

This is pretty cool. In an attempt to make even more waves in the mobile credit card processing arena, Square has teamed up with Apple to sell the Square card reader online and in Apple retail stores. Previous to this announcement, the readers were only sent via snail-mail to users who went through the Square sign […]

Square’s CEO responds to VeriFone’s Security Claims

Yesterday, I reported on VeriFone’s claims that Square’s free credit card reader’s inability to encrypt credit card information is a serious security issue that needed to be dealt with. It’s only fair that I also report Square’s response to those claims. In a letter from Square’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, posted on the company’s website, he […]

VeriFone Publicly Calls out Square Security Hole

Square is the popular start-up company that allows iPhone and Android users to process credit card transactions using their phone and a free credit card reader dongle that plugs into the phone’s headphone jack. VeriFone, a leader in credit card transaction technology has a similar product (PayWare Mobile app), but Square’s minimalistic approach to its […]

Square Drops Transaction Fees, Hopes To Boost Volume

From my email inbox: I’m assuming that Square was paying attention to Intuit and its new smartphone credit card processing service GoPayment, which is one of the reasons why Square has decided to drop their fees for its own no merchant accounted needed service down to just a flat 2.75% per total transaction fee (purely […]

Get Your Mobile Payments Squared Up

Square mobile credit card system allows users to accept payments anywhere without a merchant account using your mobile device!

Real Life Social Gaming with Foursquare

How do games have the power to change the way that we live our lives? Dennis Crowley of Foursquare discusses how the mobile application encourages users to try new things in their real life with its combination of gaming mechanics, and hyper-local social networking.

Mario Armstrong Brand Influencer/Spokesperson Package Examples

Mario Armstrong Brand Influencer/Spokesperson Package Examples With Mario as an ambassador for your brand, the media writes more, influencers influence more, and consumers consume more. And isn’t that what having a great spokesperson and great partnerships is all about? We’re proud of the fact that Mario doesn’t work with just any company. We’re selective because […]