The Hottest College Tech: 5 must-own products to rock the school year

College is all about having the right tech. Whether you’re partying with friends or pulling an all nighter, the right laptop, phone, speakers, and even backpack can make a huge difference. Here’s my top five picks for what to bring back to school this year.

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Charge your cell phone by walking or running around with the nPowerPEG!

This morning I appeared on HLN to talk about some new and innovative ways to keep your devices charged. Here’s some of the products I talked about:

nPowerPEG: This amazing device turns your kinetic energy, whether thats from walking, running, biking, etc. into power for your cell phone or tablet. Even better, unlike the vast majority of tech devices on the market, the nPowerPEG isn’t made in China—their factory is actually in Cleveland, Ohio!
Power Bag: This amazingly innovative line of backpacks, luggage, and messenger bags actually has a battery inside of it, along with the plugs you need to charge your tablets, eReaders, smartphones, tablets and more! So you charge the bag, and then the bag can charge your devices when you’re on the go! You can buy one from their website,, but also find them at Amazon, Best Buy, Macys, and other major retailers.