Access Stored Mozy Data on your iPhone or Android

For the record: I am Dropbox ’til I die (or until something better comes along).

Mozy: a familiar name in the cloud backup/storage game may just be that “something better” with its iPhone and Android app that gives users access to their stored data and more.

On its face, the Mozy app just appears to be a way to view files that you have backed up to your Mozy online account. But there is much more functionality that appears once you dig a little deeper. In addition to just browsing files, you can:

  • View backup history for all devices linked to Mozy Account
  • Share files via in-app email or post photos directly to Facebook Wall
  • Full resolution photo downloads to device

Similar to Dropbox, up to 2GB of Mozy storage space is free, as well as the mobile apps; but, while Dropbox is more geared towards file storage/synchronization (that you could use for backup purposes), Mozy is still a trusted name dedicated to full device backups of your computers. The Mozy app just gives you additional access to files backed up to your account.

If that’s the case, maybe you don’t have to choose either Dropbox or Mozy, use both:

  • Dropbox for complete data synchronization across all of your devices
  • Mozy for complete off-site data backup management for your laptop/desktop computer.

Visit Mozy Mobile for more information and download instructions for your device.

Carbonite Pro: Don’t Wait For Your Hardrive to Die Before You Backup

Don't wait...backup now!

If you’re a small business owner and don’t have some sort of backup practice in place, I will personally come to your office…and shake you. Then I would promptly direct you to this post where I am going to school you on the Carbonite Pro online backup software.

You can’t afford to lose data. Just because you’re really particular about how you save/store files, doesn’t mean you’re safe from circumstances outside of your control. But you need some crazy “Top-Secret” backup operation that includes an armored truck backup up to your office door either! Carbonite Pro is the simple solution that will get your files backed up online and give you access to your files anytime, whether you are at your desk or on the go.
Here are some of the features of Carbonite Pro:

Easy to install
Your entire office can be up and running with no headaches and no time lost.

Easy to integrate
No expensive hardware required; plus, it works alongside any existing server backup without a hitch.

Easy on your staff
Very little training (and no technical background) required.

Easy to manage
Automatically lets you know if something’s amiss.

Easy recovery
Just a few clicks on any computer connected to the Internet and you’re on your way to recovering the files you need

The cool thing about Carbonite Pro is the fact that you are not tied to your desktop or laptop computer if you want access to your files. Downloading the free Carbonite iPhone app (iOS 3.0 and up) allows Carbonite customers to access the files in their backup—anywhere, anytime. Once the files on your computer have been backed up by Carbonite, you can view them directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

I really hope you don’t think your data that’s all housed on your laptop or even backed up at the office or burned to a DVD is bullet-proof. Do yourself a favor an add another layer of security by going “to the cloud” and trying out Carbonite Pro online backup solution for your small business…It’s free for the one month so you can try it out. Pricing for Carbonite Pro starts at $10 per month – unlimited users, and unlimited computers (Windows XP and up…No Mac or Linux). There is no contract and your plan can grow as your storage needs grow…up to 500GB for $250 per month…and beyond. Visit Carbonite for more information.

Line up your tech support before trouble starts

As you grow your business your reliance on your technology tools grows along with it.  Our business is our connections, our knowledge, our history and our data.  Imagine losing access to all of your electronically stored information in situations ranging from a few hours of  down-time or complete loss.

We try to keep on top of everything through having data backup regimens in place; we keep our antivirus and other software up-to-date; we use surge protection and keep our computers cool and copacetic–but still things  happen.  Computers fail, bad guys break in and sometimes your software doesn’t play well with others.  Who are you going to call?

Well, Ghostbusters won’t be much help.  Do you have a backup plan other than wishful thinking?  Your data is your business and you can’t risk losing your data without having a rescue plan.

Find a reliable tech support service before disaster strikes.  Just like finding a good mechanic, a good doctor or a good receptionist–it takes some research, trial and error and advice from colleagues.  Ask around and ask questions.

A good way to test out a computer support professional is to buy a few hours of consulting time.  Get their advice on planning your next tech move (building your network, setting up VPN access, integrating your phones/ computers).  Are you impressed with their insights?  Have them repair or setup something that has exceeded your own tech skillset.  Did they listen and they solve the problem?  If you find good computer help, get them to provide a service agreement.  Have them commit to an acceptable response time.  If you secure good help in advance, when you have the luxury of time, you will be ahead of the game when the inevitable failure occurs.