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Access Stored Mozy Data on your iPhone or Android

For the record: I am Dropbox ’til I die (or until something better comes along). Mozy: a familiar name in the cloud backup/storage game may just be that “something better” with its iPhone and Android app that gives users access to their stored data and more. On its face, the Mozy app just appears to […]

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Carbonite Pro: Don’t Wait For Your Hardrive to Die Before You Backup

If you’re a small business owner and don’t have some sort of backup practice in place, I will personally come to your office…and shake you. Then I would promptly direct you to this post where I am going to school you on the Carbonite Pro online backup software. You can’t afford to lose data. Just […]

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Line up your tech support before trouble starts

As you grow your business your reliance on your technology tools grows along with it.  Our business is our connections, our knowledge, our history and our data.  Imagine losing access to all of your electronically stored information in situations ranging from a few hours of  down-time or complete loss. We try to keep on top of everything […]

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