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Record and Share Meeting Minutes Online with Minutes.io

Who REALLY likes taking meeting minutes? No one (present company included) but it is one of those necessary evils that needs to get done to give meeting attendees a reference as to what were the key meeting points. Now, there are a bajillion ways you could take meeting minutes. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it […]

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Fuze Meeting for iPad makes Your Meetings Mobile

Conducting a video conference or meeting no longer requires a sophisticated conference room Audio/Video setup. As more business professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners are going mobile, the need to conduct meetings, conferences and presentations on their mobile devices is a necessity. That’s where the Fuze Meeting app comes in. Fuze Meeting gives you the […]

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5 reasons for video conferencing in your small business NOW!

With more businesses looking to cut costs and employ workers from anywhere, video-conferencing is becoming more justifiable then ever before. Just take a look at the recent iPhone4 and you’ll notice that Apple has recognized how important it is to enable callers to be able to see each other. In business, non-verbal communication clues can […]

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