TODAY: Breaking Down Google Glass

On the TODAY show this morning, I contributed to a segment that breaks down the different aspects of Google Glass in an easy-to-understand way. I specifically discuss some of the concerns consumers should have about Glass, especially as it relates to their privacy. Check out the video above, or take a look at some of my other Google Glass coverage:

How you can win your own pair of Google Glass

A picture of me wearing Google Glass in 1999

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On Wednesday, February 20th, I answered YOUR tech questions LIVE on the TODAY Show! In case you missed the segment, you can check out the video above, or my more detailed answered below!

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Question #1 – What Is The Easiest Way To Stream Content On My TV? (Daniel – NYC)


Viewing content form the web on your TV really opens up a whole new world of viewing options. If you don’t already have a smart TV, there are a lot of options. You can use different devices like Apple TV, a Roku box, most blu-ray players, your computer, or even gaming systems like the Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii U. The question is what is the right option for you. Id suggest if you are an Apple household and have a lot of content on your apple devices you would really like the Apple TV option because it can also do some neat features beyond streaming like mirroring whats on your Mac, iPhone or iPad wirelessly on your tv. Imagine showing family photos or video from your iPad to your TV without wires. Read More

How to Prepare for Smartphone Theft (TODAY)

With smartphones everywhere and fetching high prices on the street, unfortunately smartphone theft is becoming more popular than ever before. But you have a lot more to worry about than someone selling your phone since you probably store a lot of sensitive info on your smartphone including financial information, credit card or social security numbers, private email correspondence, photos and more. Additionally, many social media apps like Twitter and Facebook don’t prompt for a password every time they launch so a thief could easily gain access to your social accounts and spam your network or use that information to get more details about you. Think about your email access as well, and what someone could do with access to your full list of contacts and your email archive.

Your first line of defense is to set a passcode on your device. I consider this advice non-negotiable. If you own a smartphone, you have to set a passcode, no questions asked. Yes, I know it can be a little annoying, but without a passcode a thief can access your full phone the second they steal it. Read More

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sony LED EX645 TV
Sony TV: Just Add Ravens!

With my beloved Baltimore Ravens about to smash their way back into the Super Bowl this weekend, I’m making sure that my at-home Super Bowl experience is going to be nothing short of amazing! But that doesn’t mean simply heading out and blowing a bunch of money on a new TV. Instead, this year I’m taking a look at a few models that are ON SALE this weekend. I’ve also got some tips for TV shopping, mounting a TV to a wall, and more to make sure your viewing experience this weekend will be PERFECT!

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Baltimore Inner Harbor Amphitheater
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