Boomerang Gmail Plugin Goes Mobile – Schedule Outgoing Email on the Go

The cool Boomerang Gmail desktop plug-in lets Firefox/Chrome users schedule when their outgoing messages are actually sent. Additionally, you can write reminders or follow up messages to yourself via email and make sure they arrive right when you’re ready to read them (instead of getting lost in all the junk mail your receive first thing in the morning). Think of Boomerang as a Tweet scheduler…just for email. To use the service, you had to install it to your desktop browser. Now Boomerang offers a mobile option that lets you schedule your emails at anytime from anywhere.

Just visit from your iOS, Android,  BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 device, or any phone with a web browser, connect to your Boomerang Gmail account, and you can write a bunch of emails on your commute to work in the morning or during that red-eye flight for a business meeting. Boomerang makes sure your recipients are not awakened by incoming emails on their smartphone at God-awful times in the morning, just because you’re “up and at’em”.

At any time, you can cancel a scheduled message or reminder just in case you need to rephrase the email in order to make sure the “tone” of your email is correct. In order to use Boomerang Mobile you need to sign up for the “Professional” account for $14.99/month, but not only do you get the mobile option, you also get the desktop version and unlimited message scheduling credits and Gmail Priority Email support. If you’re on a quest to free yourself from your inbox, try out the free 30-Day trial (accepts Google Apps accounts, yay!) and see if the ability to schedule outgoing messages and reminders steps up your productivity a notch or two.