Video: Dual Monitors On The Go With AirDisplay


Speaking from personal experience, it is true that you’re more productive with multiple monitors. Now my setup at home is pretty dope, but there are times when I’m out an about and sure could use multiple screens to get things done, sans all the window switching.

An app that lets you use multiple mobile gadgets at the same time to be more productive is AirDisplay. Simply put, you can use your mobile device (iOS or Android) as a second screen for your desktop/laptop. (Mac or PC).

Quick Facts
– AirDisplay desktop software is a free download for Mac and PC

– Mobile app is a $9.99 download from either iTunes or Google Play for your mobile device

– Devices must be connected to same Wifi network

Check out my video for a quick walkthrough on how AirDisplay works in the wild:

No more switching between windows. Every time you have to switch between tabs, windows, or applications, you cut a little into your productivity. With AirDisplay, you can have two screens up at once so you can reference one screen while you work in another.

Based on my experience, there is a considerable amount of lag when dragging or mousing between the two screens. So make sure you’re on a pretty quick Wifi signal. For me, the lag is tolerable until I get the screens setup the way I want. After that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

Using the Retina Display on New iPad is so good that it’s actually bad. In other words, the resolution on the new iPad is high, but the 9 inch display is not big enough to handle the resolution. So as much as I wanted to use the Retina Display, I deactivated in the AirDisplay preferences, it so I could actually see the screen.

Even with those setbacks, I would suggest anybody who does a ton of work on a laptop and owns a tablet to download AirDisplay for the killer multi-monitor setup on the road. For more information, check out the AirDisplay website, and let us know what you think in the comments section.